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Arafmi Queensland provides workshops to learn, develop and practice skills in Communication, Boundary Setting, Coping and many other areas for Mental Health Carers.
Individuals and organisations can support the work of Mental Health Carers Arafmi Queensland through sponsorships, bequests and donations.


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National Report Card on Mental Health

Online survey for National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

The National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention is currently being developed by the National Mental Health Commission.


The Commission is seeking input from all Australians on what information should be included in the Report Card to drive change,

and help improve the lives of people experiencing mental health issues or who are at risk of suicide, and the lives of their families and carers.


Your opinion will help to shape the first and future Report Cards.


The community survey is open for feedback from Saturday 28th of April until Tuesday 8th of May 2012 at www.mentalhealthcommission.gov.au/report_card.


The survey is available in multiple languages. We encourage you to distribute this email widely throughout your networks.


The National Mental Health Commission looks forward to your support and interest in this important initiative. For more information please visit www.mentalhealthcommission.gov.au.


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